Crea y publica tu evento Bear

For a few weeks ago a new BearGuide has launched: LocalBears

The site is about bear events, locations, groups/clubs and djs.
It´s very new so it´s still empty. The next months it will be (hopefully) rapidly growing with your help.

You have just to register an account and with this account you can:
- Add Bear Events
- Add Locations (for example Sauna, Bars, Clubs, Disco etc.)
- Add Groups (Clubs, Communities etc.)
- Add DJ Profiles for Bear Events

There is no limitation for entries.

6 languages are currently supported:
english, spanish, german, turkish, french & italian

Here is an example for a bear event:

Here is an example for a german bear club

I hope you are interested....
If you want to add your event (or locations etc.) then register today:

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